The Robus unit is built to protect against armed attack. Our units are built with hardened ballistic and blast resistant steel. The level of ballisitic protections is fully certified to UK standards and is as follows:

  • BS EN1522 up to Level FB6)
  • UL752 Level 8 up to 900 m/s
  • NIJ 0108.01 up to Level 3

** up scalable if required **


Robus is designed to ensure employees can be protected in a safe environment. The unit is designed with fire retardant materials, pinch point protection on heavy ballistic doors, an emergency escape hatch if the unit needs to be evacuated, fire extinguishers and air contamination alarms.

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Life support

The Robus Safe Haven is designed to offer your employees and a comfortable environment with clean filtered and cool air. Sanitation, electricity and reserve battery power is incorporated in all our units to ensure that your employees can remain protected during prolonged emergencies.

  • Air Circulation
  • Container configured with air ducts
  • Full circulation and management of CO2
  • Ventilation fan constructed from stainless steel with self-close louvre shutters


The Robus is a class leader with multiple overarching security features. The unit is fitted with high performance multi-point locking system manufactured by Surelock McGill.

The locks have been successfully tested on a wide range of LPS 1175 Security Ratings, blast tested on doors in accordance with the methodology set out within ISO 16933 EXV15 & EXV25 and successfully ballistically tested on doorsets to BS EN 1522:1999 FB1-FB7.

Our integrated CCTV system provides discrete coverage to monitor what is happening outside/ inside the safe room helping you co-ordinate with Quick Reaction Forces/ Hostage Recovery Teams.

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The Robus is provided with a 30 kWh Lithium Iron Phosphate battery, complete with an integrated intelligent battery management system, capable of delivering up to 24hrs of battery power, which can be upscaled if required.

The battery is accompanied by a MultiPlus Victron multi-functional power management solution, combining an invertor, battery charger and monitor with three split phase capability that can remotely start and control an external generator. Remote offsite monitoring is also available.

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ISO Container Size

The Robus Safe Haven come in two sizes and are fully customisable. Essentially the units are built specifically to conform with standard ISO containers sizes to ensure ease of shipping and transportation. Dependant on the number of employees you need to protect will determine the size of recommended unit.

  • 20ft container – up to a maximum of 25 employees
  • 40ft container – up to a maximum of 50 employees

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