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US Departments Unveil Comprehensive Plan to Humanely Manage Border through Deterrence, Enforcement, and Diplomacy

Tuesday May 30, 2023

The Big Picture: The Department of Homeland Security and the Department of State have released a multi-faceted plan to manage the border humanely, emphasizing deterrence, enforcement, and diplomacy, supported by the Department of Defense and numerous Western Hemisphere countries, according to the Department of Homeland Security. 

Catch Up Quickly: The plan incorporates lifting the pandemic-era Title 42 public health order as the public health emergency subsides. It further involves implementing Title 8 immigration authorities to process and remove individuals unlawfully entering the US border. 

What’s New: In a significant step, the administration plans to open the first of about 100 Regional Processing Centers to direct individuals to lawful immigration pathways. Additional troops will be deployed to support border patrol, and resources will be increased to manage a rise in encounters. The CBP One App will transition to an improved appointment scheduling system. 

The Bottom Line: The additional measures amplify earlier actions to manage the border humanely through deterrence, enforcement, and diplomacy. However, the administration still calls for Congress to update immigration laws and provide requested funds. 

Amulus Angle: The extensive and multi-layered nature of this border management strategy illustrates the importance of versatile and adaptable solutions in crisis and incident management. The Robus Safe Haven, developed by Amulus, offers an efficient solution to help manage unexpected situations in high threat jurisdictions like the border. These units can be deployed as part of contingency plans, offering superior ballistic protection and emergency communication capabilities, which can be integral in supporting enforcement activities, providing safe zones for personnel, and potentially aiding in humanitarian efforts at the border.