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From Gaza to Global Defense: The Imperative of Safe Havens in Modern Warfare

Tuesday October 10, 2023

The Big Picture: Israel’s intricate military operations in Gaza from 2009-2014, detailed by this RAND report, highlight the complexities of warfare in densely populated urban environments against adaptable, irregular adversaries. 

Between the Lines: Israel’s strategy in Gaza focused on “mowing the grass” – a way of maintaining manageable violence levels rather than seeking total victory. This approach arose from Israel’s strategic dilemma of needing to exert enough force to deter Hamas without pushing them out of power, potentially paving the way for even more radical groups to take over.

Catch Up Quickly: Israel captured Gaza in 1967 and faced constant tensions, leading to multiple confrontations. The major one was Operation Protective Edge in 2014, focusing heavily on destroying Hamas’s tunnel networks.

Zoom In: Operation Protective Edge, in 2014, marked significant economic and political pressure on Hamas, leading to a conflict that combined an air campaign and a ground incursion. The operation left significant damages and causalities on both sides.

By the Numbers: 

– Israeli casualties during Protective Edge: 66 soldiers, 6 civilians.

– Estimated Palestinian deaths: 2,133, with 1,489 being civilians (UN estimate).

The Backstory: Hamas, originally an irregular adversary, transformed into a hybrid entity with characteristics typical of state actors, making conflict with Israel even more nuanced.

Why It Matters: Israel’s engagements offer lessons for nations and military forces on adapting to evolving adversaries and urban warfare, particularly in dealing with non-state actors under international scrutiny.

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Bottom Line: As global military operations continue to evolve, the need for adaptable, robust safety solutions like Amulus Robus Safe Haven becomes paramount.

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