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Enduring Conflict in Ukraine: The Importance of Robust Protection and Support for Defense Forces

Tuesday May 23, 2023

The big picture: One year after Russia invaded Ukraine in its entirety, the crisis is still having a negative impact on both countries. Losses have reduced Russian forces, while Ukraine is largely reliant on Western assistance, according to the Rand Corporation.

By the numbers: There have been over 100,000 reported Russian casualties, and millions of Ukrainians have been internally and externally displaced.

Between the lines: While Ukraine must struggle to defend against fresh offensives, Russia is struggling to produce additional personnel and equipment and is turning to brute force methods.

Zoom out: The need of equipping defense leaders and personnel with strong protection and communication capabilities in combat zones is highlighted by this fight.

Amulus: In high-risk areas like Ukraine, the Amulus Robus Safe Haven can provide a flexible, dependable solution for safeguarding people and valuables. The Robus Safe Haven can satisfy duty of care responsibilities and give defense forces on the ground peace of mind thanks to its high build quality, ballistic protection, and resistance. Additionally, its sophisticated emergency communications capabilities can speed up law enforcement activation, medical assistance, and crisis response.