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Charting the Course: EU’s Revised Maritime Strategy amid Rising Geopolitical Challenges

Tuesday May 30, 2023

The Big Picture: The European Union (EU) has updated its 2014 Maritime Security Strategy (EUMSS), factoring in recent geopolitical developments, such as Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. The new strategy identifies persisting and emerging maritime security threats and emphasizes a collaborative approach with both EU members and non-EU partners to address these threats, according to the Rand Newsroom. 

What’s Next: The EUMSS outlines six strategic objectives: enhancing activities at sea, cooperating with partners, improving maritime domain awareness, managing risks and threats, boosting capabilities, and educating and training. Compared to its predecessor, the 2023 EUMSS places greater emphasis on European defense cooperation and acknowledges the importance of the Black and Mediterranean seas for European security. 

Between the Lines: The EU is increasingly focused on enhancing security cooperation with NATO and Turkey. Turkey’s role in the Black Sea, due to its control over strategic straits, makes it a key player in regional maritime security. EU and NATO’s future plans will depend on Turkey’s cooperation and its evolving domestic politics. 

Zoom In: Critical infrastructure, such as undersea cables and pipelines, have come under focus in the EUMSS update. A noteworthy Black Sea project includes the construction of the world’s longest undersea power and cable line from Azerbaijan to the EU via Romania and Hungary. 

Zoom Out: Challenges from illegal migration, human trafficking, and arms and narcotics smuggling persist, necessitating continued cooperation with non-EU partners. The broader European Neighborhood presents opportunities for cooperation as well as challenges. 

The Bottom Line: The updated EUMSS highlights the EU’s growing concerns about regional maritime security, emphasizing the need for more cooperative defense strategies with both EU and non-EU partners. The evolving geopolitical landscape and recent security crises underline the urgency of this approach. 

Amulus Angle: The complex maritime security environment described in the updated EUMSS underscores the need for robust and versatile solutions like the Amulus Robus Safe Haven. When stationed on naval vessels or maritime bases, the Robus can provide superior ballistic protection and emergency communication capabilities, enhancing the safety of personnel and assets. Its ability to adapt to various threat levels and its resilience against forced-entry make it an invaluable tool in high-risk maritime jurisdictions. As EU steps up its maritime activities and boosts its capabilities, the inclusion of the Robus Safe Haven could strengthen its security posture.